As I have mentioned in my 101 in 1001 post, in order to keep track of some goals of mine, I have decided to make my own list of 101 measurable things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I’ll be updating (and hopefully crossing things off) frequently in order to hold myself accountable. I hope you look forward to reading about these adventures, challenges and dreams both big and small as much as I look forward to experiencing them!
Health & Wellness
Visit a dermatologist
Take vitamins daily for one month
Try acupuncture
Floss every day for one month
Take a self defense class
Have a girls spa day
Get contact lenses
Get into bed before 11pm on week days for two weeks straight
Become re-certified in CPR and First Aid
Lose 15 pounds
Meditate twice a day for two weeks straight
Food & Drink
Make 3 meals a day for one week
Learn to make Papa’s pasta sauce
Make my own sushi
Make gnocchi from scratch
Try 5 new foods (1. Fondue in Switzerland…I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before! 2. Kombucha…soo delicious!)
Go a month without purchasing takeout
Make Sangria
Go two weeks without any alcohol
Go Paleo for two weeks (during the Paleo challenge!)
Enjoy breakfast in bed
Create my own cocktail
Run a 10k
Compete in a triathlon
Workout at least 3 times a week for three months straight (completed and on-going!)
Practice yoga once a week for one month
Take a Pilates equipment class
Try a TRX class
Take a golf lesson
Golf 9 holes
Blog & The Business
Meet three local bloggers
Attend a blogging conference or workshop
Post a video (blog
Redesign my website…professionally? (I redesigned my site in Feb ’14, but may consider professionally redesigning in the future!)
Design and produce Pretty & Fresh business cards
Create more printable invitations and wall art for my Etsy site
Interview three people I respect/admire/think are awesome and share their stories on my blog (1/3: Alexis Picheny of Alexis Picheny Photography, 2/3: Cristen Faherty of Captivatingly Chic Celebrations)
Create a schedule for my blog topics each month for three months in a row
Self-Education & Learning
Learn how to change a tire
Learn to cook ten new meals (1. broiled steak…yes, really. I had never made it before)
Read 30 new books
Take a cooking class
Take a photography class
Practice my Italian twice a week for one month
Learn the basics of writing and editing HTML code
Become proficient in Illustrator (I’ve been learning online through
Become proficient in Photoshop (I’ve been learning online through
Research my family tree
Come up with a list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days
Create a font in my own handwriting
Make an inspiration board
Gather my favorite recipes and turn them into a physical book or an ebook
Write in a journal every day for a month
Write another 50 pages of my novel
Get paid for writing something
Record and write down some of Papa’s stories
Complete five Pinterest projects
Commemorate this list by creating a graphic with the 101 tasks
Make a new list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days once this one is completed
Organization & Good habits
Make a budget and keep track of spending for a month
Don’t hit the snooze button for a week
Make my bed every day for 2 weeks (I’ve made it every day for one month and counting!)
Clean out closet and put items on Poshmark or bring to a consignment store
Get rid of old jewelry and organize all of the jewelry I decide to keep
Organize all the photos on my computer
Organize files and documents on my computer
Back up my computer at least once every three months
Go to a comedy club
Attend a wine tasting Check out my wine tasting experience here!
Host a dinner party
Go camping
Visit a new museum (The Museum of Natural History in London)
Go to a Mumford & Sons concert
Go horseback riding
Travel to ten new places (1. Vail, Colorado 2. Zurich, Switzerland 3. Zurmatt, Switzerland 4. Denver, Colorado)
Have a candlelit dinner
See the Northern Lights
Watch the sun rise (in Montegrossi, Italy)
Go scuba diving (again)
Move into an apartment in the Back Bay, South End or Beacon Hill
Visit Maureen and Jess in Ohio (long overdue, I know!)
Take a trip on a plane without checking any bags
Go skiing out West (3/4/14: Vail, Colorado)
Go back to Rome and swim in a fountain
Be kind & give back
Find a cause/charity I feel very passionate about and become involved
Send a care package (sent my sister cupcakes and a card to congratulate her on joining Pi Beta Phi!)
Get rid of 20 things I don’t need and donate them
Leave a 100% tip
Donate blood
Send 15 handwritten notes (5/15)
Why not?
Buy fresh flowers and make an arrangement with them
Start a new tradition
Have a stocked bar at home/bar cart
Give a toast (for my Mom’s 50th birthday)
Find out my blood type
Purchase a pair of Louboutins
Go without internet for 48 hours (in Zermatt I didn’t have my iPhone, iPad or computer and didn’t use one at all!)
Be a bridesmaid
Find a job I love
Get engaged